Remote Control of Every Instrument

    ChemLaunch™ is a reliable and robust tool that offers great ease of use and control. It greatly increases the speed of an analysis in ChemStation and limits access to approved users. Simply log onto the ChemLaunch system to use a ChemStation session to access your instruments. Whether your instrument is local or on another continent, ChemLaunch gives full control. Our system tracks every user and all online and offline instrument processes assigned to each user.

Remote Data Processing

    ChemLaunch™ ChemLaunch provides an easy way to process instrument data from a remote location. It allows users from a remote location to analyze and process data while keeping data in the data center.

Performing an Analysis

  1. Log onto ChemLaunch™ from any device. Use a secure device at your campus to access the ChemLaunch system on your network. Click an icon on your screen or use a browser link on your intranet. Provide your user name and password at the ChemLaunch secure login screen.

  2. Determine the availability of instruments. View the instrument directory list and observe the instrument availability color: green - available online; yellow - available offline; red - unavailable for an online session; gray - in maintenance. The status display window will reveal the Device ID, User Name, Power Status, Session Status, Time Started, Instrument Description, and Comments.

  3. Go to available instruments and provide samples for analyses.

  4. Access ChemLaunch™ at any nearby or remote computer and view desired instruments. Locate instruments with samples in the ChemLaunch instrument directory tree.

  5. Begin ChemStation™ instrument sessions - online or offline. After displaying the status window for the selected instrument, press the Connect button to begin a protected ChemStation session to that instrument - online or offline. If another user is in an online session for this instrument, you may still begin an offline session.

  6. Use all desired ChemStation features. Your screen now displays the full ChemStation program and delivers all functions and features. When done, you can close the ChemStation session with online and offline analyses running.

  7. Monitor open sessions. Use the directory tree to see the status of all sessions or to modify a session.

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