Comprehensive Support

    Every ChemLaunch™ implementation is based on deliberate, thoughtful planning, and exceptional service. Your research organization will receive a tailored, dedicated approach. Healex engineers and client support staff ensure your ChemLaunch implementation is efficient and meets prescribed parameters with high security.

We provide full global support:
  • Assessment
  • Configuration
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Training and Documentation
  • Daily Technical and User Support
A Total Solution

Healex can provide all hardware and software components:
  • ChemLaunch Software
  • Server and Network Hardware with Load Balancing
  • Citrix Software
  • MS Terminal Server Software

Assessing Your Environment and Defining Parameters

    Healex will conduct a detailed review of your challenges and requirements to determine the benefits ChemLaunch could bring to your team. Therefore, we would like to learn more about your environment. We will schedule a full product consultation and help you document the improvements ChemLaunch could provide to your research organization. Please Contact Healex today to arrange an assessment.

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