Substantial Benefits

    ChemLaunch™ enhances and accelerates your entire analysis process and delivers precision control through ChemStation™. ChemLaunch is a solid system used by leading researchers who rely on Agilent Technologies instrumentation.

Saves Time
    ChemLaunch eliminates all visits to an instrument to determine availability, run processes, and gather data. Visits are only necessary to provide and retrieve samples.

Saves Lab Space and Instrument Expenses
    Since the ChemLaunch servers do all the work, no PCs are needed to connect to instruments in the labs.

Improves Collaboration
    Enable access to your instruments for partners on multiple global campuses. Enable colleagues to run as many offline analyses as ChemStation allows on the same instrument at your site.

Reduces IT System and Support Costs
    All processing is done by the ChemLaunch servers so that no PCs need to be connected to instruments. Simplification brings great hardware and software savings. All system maintenance is performed in one location.

Improves Data Control and Protection
    ChemLaunch servers handle all processing, control, storage, and data backup, being much more reliable and robust than PCs. Data access is very tightly controlled compared to PCs connected to instruments.

Eliminate Client Software Conflicts
    ChemLaunch system can be accessed from any device with a thin client or clientless HTML with zero foot-print. This eliminates any instrument software conflicts that are difficult or impossible to resolve in the user fat client environment.

Speeds Up ChemStation Data Analyses
    Allow access to any instrument in the ChemLaunch system to run a ChemStation data acquisition, even if another user is doing a ChemStation offline data analysis.

Provides Cross-platform Universal Instrument Access
    Any device from anywhere can securely access any instrument in the ChemLaunch system,. It can takinge advantage of the best technology available, whether it is Mac®, Windows®, Linux, iOS, or Android™.

Increases ChemStation Capacity
    Users can initiate one online analysis with as many offline analyses that ChemStation allows-simultaneously. Users can also run simultaneous ChemStation sessions on other instruments.

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